About Virohanam

Virohanam believes in delivering consultancy services in line with the latest quality parameters laid down by the various national & international agencies keeping in mind the functional processes adopted by the organization. Virohanam’s belief is that Form should Follow Function i.e. the structure should be made to increase the efficiency of the system and cater to all the aspects of the functional requirements of the user. We are a strong believer that design should provide a versatile yet comfortable environment to its users may it be the staff, patients, or visitors. Team Virohanam with its vast cumulative knowledge, technical expertise, and experience in providing comprehensive solutions to healthcare projects, provides end-to-end solutions for the whole arena of project management, from conceptualization, execution, operational, and turnkey management. We are known to provide solutions that are in line with the Standards & Guidelines yet cost-effective, taking care of all the functional aspects of the system.

The team at Virohanam is involved in many private and government projects to provide consultancy services in the Planning, Designing & Execution of projects in the healthcare sector. Despite planning and designing, we also provide services for strategic business plans, market evaluation, financial models, clinical configuration & establishing workflows for healthcare organizations.

We extend our expertise in designing various special services required in healthcare organizations such as Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS), Pneumatic Tube Transfer System (PTTS), Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), Nurse Call System (NCS), Modular Operation Theatre Complexes (MOT), Kitchen, laundry. Audits of the processes both in terms of Quality & Safety, workflow optimization, clinical process improvement, operational improvement & audits by applying various operational management techniques are our passion.


To build Healthcare Infrastructure driven by Quality, Safety, and Sustainability in conjunction with the latest technological advancements.


  1. To provide consultancy for designing of Healthcare Infrastructure which is safe and comfortable.
  2. To design Healthcare Infrastructure which provide soothing environment to its users and occupants, overcoming their fears and develop confidence into them.
  3. To import knowledge about the special needs and complexity of Healthcare Infrastructure.

Who is Virohanam

A group of highly motivated, talented, experienced, and self-taught individuals working tirelessly to improve, sustain and deliver a world-class healthcare experience in the region.

Er Neeraj K. Sharma

Neeraj K. Sharma holds over 40 years of result-oriented experience encompassing his services at various levels in the Central government. The journey started with working from the grass root level to the policy-making in various aspects of the engineering services. Out of planning & executing many successful projects, Tyagraj stadium is one of the feathers in his cap. He develops his interest in medical architecture & towards special considerations related to healthcare projects in the middle of his career. He had done extensive self-research to understand various engineering considerations and the functional process of all the service areas of a hospital. Holding many positions and responsibilities in the Government, he had been quite instrumental in leading the new initiatives for the improvement of the healthcare sector. He has hands-on expertise in planning and designing along with the execution, operation, and Maintenance of various services in hospitals.

In the last eight years, he has been involved in more than 50 healthcare projects across the country, providing his expert consultancy for the planning & designing of hospital services. Apart from designing the functional requirements and basic considerations in a hospital, he was also instrumental in designing Modular Operation theatre (MOT), Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS), Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), Nurse Call System (NCS), Pneumatic Tube System (PTS), and Pneumatic Waste & Laundry Collection System (PWLCS).


Virohanam Hospital Consultants Pvt Ltd.